This site exhibits some of the tapes I made of relevant parties in the matter of Nila and Bill. The material in this site has been released into the public domain. If you are interested in these recordings, it is strongly recommended that you download them now since they may be moved to another site. More tapes are scheduled to be released if they are pertinent.

Este sitio exibe algunas de las grabaciones que hice de los participantes en la saga de Nila y Bill. El material de este sitio es de dominio público. Si estás interesado en estas grabaciones, recomiendo que las baje ahora ya que pueden ser trasladadas a otra plataforma. Más grabaciones serán publicadas si son pertinentes.

Nila and Bill (book) is not at this site. You will find it at: Nila and Bill.

La historia de Nila y Bill no se encuentra en este sitio. La encontrarás en: El Crazy Che




 Material provided by Lazara, Pepe and Roly which I delivered to (entregado) and withheld from (no entregado) the CIA on July 13 of 1992.

Material que Lazara, Pepe y Roly me dieron y que yo entregue a la CIA el 13 de Julio de 1992. La lista esta dividida entre el material que entregue (entregado) y que no entregue.


3. Luis Concepcion

4. Major Ruben

2. Pic Head of M1 w/daughter

1. Pic Officials of M1

5. Marco (Colonel Agustin Broche) w/ officials M-VI

6. Interview with Jibaro (6/15/92)

7. Student Brigade M-20 (future G2 agents)

8. Interview Dr. Aznar

9. Plural Magazine report

10. Names of Companies (operating in Cuba)

11. Functions M-VI

12. Names M-VI

13. Agreement Spanish Partnership

14. Glossary of terms D.I.

15. Diego Suarez

16. 3 names


1. Pics Manuel (Carlos) Medina (Perez) (who shot  Aspiaga in London) with Pepe.

2. 2 Officials of M-VI

3. Cominches Head of DI w/PP at Jazz Festival

4. Francia Anselmo Report on Green Marble

5. Interview C259 c260

6. State of the Agriculture, Monthly Report

7. Interview w/Mejica

8. 3 cassettes, interviews with ministers

9. Pics PP Roly Phones and addresses and letters to PP

Among the information Lazara, Pepe, and Roly sent to the CIA through us was that sugar baron Diego Suarez (1992) (a.k.a. "The Mechanic") (here with CANF Chief Jorge Mas Santos and Donald Trump) was spying for Cuba and that the wife of an IBM Executive named Paul Grant was recruited by the G2. 

Incluida entre la informacion que Lazara, Pepe, and Roly le enviaron a la CIA a traves nuestro estaba el dato de que el magnate del azucar, Diego Suarez (alias "El Mecanico"), (aqui con el jefe del CANF Jorge Mas Santos y con Donald Trump) estaba espiando para Cuba y de que la esposa de un ejecutivo de IBM de nombre Paul Grant habia sido reclutada por el G2.



                  My badges at AMD and Intel.                        Mi tarjeta de identificacion en AMD e Intel.





FBI Special Agent Jim King (together with SA Bob Baker from the Austin FBI) tells Nila and me that he can't promise us relief from prosecution despite that we turned ourselves in voluntarily and are cooperating with the federal agencies.

With no guarantees, we made plans to escape and leave everything we worked for behind.This excerpt comes from our second meeting with SA King and Baker. Recorded at 613 Blackberry Dr., Austin TX, Aug 27, 1992.

 El Agente Especial del FBI, Jim King nos dice a Nila y a mi que no puede prometernos que no van a enjuiciarnos a pesar de que nos entregamos voluntariamente y estamos cooperando con las agencias federales.

Sin tener garantias, hicimos planes para escapar y dejar atras todas nuestras pertenencias. Este segmento origina en el segundo interrogatorio llevado a cabo por King y Baker. Grabado en 613 Blackberry Dr., Austin TX, Agosto 27, 1992.

King920801b.wmv King920801b.wmv
Size : 1.164 Kb
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Transcription                                Transcripcion

King: As far as prosecution is concerned, you certainly would not be prosecuted at this point. If this operation has the means to Cuba during the ongoing operation, you're not going to be in prosecution probably.

Bill: But how about afterwards?

King: Afterwards, it would depend upon... The Justice Department would make an evaluation depending upon the status of the operational feed, what damage you did, whenever you were operational... They would pardon.

King: Um... I... I want very much to put you both at ease... but I can't make any promises.


King: En cuanto a procesamiento, casi seguro no serias procesado en este momento. Si esta operacion tiene los medios de penetrar Cuba, durante la operacion, probablemente no serian procesados.

Bill: Que tal despues?

King: Despues, dependeria de... El Departamento de Justicia haria una evaluacion dependiendo del estado de la informacion operacional, que daños hicieron, cuandoquiera estuvieron operando... Ellos los perdonarian.

King: Um... Yo... Yo quiero sinceramente tranquilizarlos en cuanto a esto... pero no puedo hacerles ninguna promesa.




FBI Special Agent Jim King tells me that Advanced Micro Devices will not be appraised of our meeting in Austin scheduled for November 17, 1992.

K921101.wmv K921101.wmv
Size : 0.735 Kb
Type : wmv

El Agente Especial del FBI, Jim King me dice que la compania Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) no sera notificada de nuestra reunion en Austin, Texas, programada para el 17 de Noviembre de 1992.


Transcription                                Transcripcion

Bill: Has AMD been told anything about me coming back?

King: No. I'm... I'm... Listen... AMD... AMD is a private party. They have been hurt in this entire operation. But this... this doesn't involve them at this point.

Bill: Okay.

King: So, AMD is not going to be here... they will not be apprised of any of these...

Bill: Okay.

Bill: Le han dicho a AMD que yo regrese?

King: No. Mira. AMD es una entidad privada. Ellos han sido heridos en el transcurso de toda esta operacion. Pero esto... esto no les concierne en este momento.

Bill: Okay.

King: Entonces, AMD no va a estar aqui... no va estar informada de ninguno de estos... 

Bill: Okay.



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